Advantages and characteristics of enamel

- May 23, 2017-

Enamel is an inorganic glass glaze painted on the surface of the metal bottom slab. Enamel coating on the metal surface can prevent metal rust, so that the metal in the heat will not be formed on the surface of the oxide layer and can resist the erosion of various liquids. Enamel products are not only safe and non-toxic, easy to wash and clean, can be widely used in daily use of food utensils and washing utensils, and in specific conditions, enamel coating on the metal body on the display of high hardness, high-temperature resistance, wear and insulation and other excellent performance, so that enamel products have a wider use. Porcelain glaze can also give products to beautiful appearance, decorate people's lives. It can be seen that enamel products have both the strength of metal and the gorgeous appearance of porcelain glaze and the performance of chemical resistance.