Analysis on the technological process of enamel

- May 23, 2017-

Enamel production mainly include glaze preparation, billet system preparation, Shang, drying, firing, inspection and other processes. For artistic enamel, daily enamel, sanitary enamel, building enamel, and so on, for the appearance of decoration and the need to use, but also through colorful and assembly. Industrial enamel equipment must be tested and then assembled.

In advance stamping or casting molding of the metal billet first coated with glaze, after firing and then apply to the surface glaze (one or several times), this is the traditional method of repeatedly painting. The bottom glaze is the transition layer which combines with the metal billet, has the strong tightness, the surface glaze spreads on the bottom glaze, covers the background and gives the product to smooth beautiful surface and a series of fine physical and chemical properties. Glazed glaze (white and colored) and colorless transparent glaze. The latter is a coated glaze that is burned at the outermost layer of the product to enhance gloss or improve performance. Now there is a new process, that is, the preparation of a glaze, both for the bottom glaze, but also for the surface glaze, one coating, once the product is fired.