How to choose the right sink

- May 23, 2017-

1. Flume Material: Features: Anti-Corrosion, anti-oxidation, long life, often new, life expectancy of up to 30 years. Some manufacturers do sinks, in order to price competition has advantages, and the use of nickel-containing 202, 402, stainless iron, such material although a short period of time will not appear quality problems, but long time to use the surface of the sink will be discolored, easy to corrode. High fouling rate is not easy to clean and hygienic, air is easy to breed bacteria.

2. Welding process: The sink is divided into three kinds of welding, bottom welding, butt welding, integrated molding.

3. Sink depth: High-grade sink deep in the basin of 18 to 24CM or so, the general trough is below 18CM.

4. Surface treatment: generally divided into three kinds: sandblasting, drawing, pearl silver noodles.

5. Bottom surface spraying: generally divided into three kinds of ways: dry spray, oil spray, water spray.

6. Automatic control: generally divided into three kinds: lifting type, down pressure type, rotary type.

7. Double-sided flanging: generally divided into three kinds: the big round angle unilateral, the right angle flat edge, small r angle flanging.

8. Water fittings: Silver ion pp Large diameter drainage pipe, the national standard to reach 50mm.

9. Patent dustbin: Generally four kinds: platform-type, platform-type, underground-type, sink-type.