How to identify the pros and cons of sinks

- May 23, 2017-

1. Buy stainless steel sink, first look at the thickness of stainless steel, to 0.8mm 1 thickness is appropriate, too thin affect the service life and strength of the sink, too thick easily damage tableware.

2. Second, look at the surface treatment process, high gloss finish, but easy to scrape, sand light resistance to wear, but easy to gather dirt, matte light of both high brightness, also has the durability of sanding, general choice more.

3. The use of stainless steel sinks, the surface is easily scratched, so its surface through the wire drawing, sanding and other special treatment, which can withstand repeated wear, can also be more resistant to dirt, cleaning convenience.

4. Selection of ceramic sinks important reference indicators are glazed finish, brightness and ceramic storage rate. High finish products, pure color, not easy to hang dirty fouling, easy to clean, self-cleaning good. The lower the water absorption rate the better the product.

6. Man-made stone trough with the eyes to see the color pure not cloudy, smooth surface, with nails to scratch the surface, no obvious scratches, the most important thing is to see the quality certificate, Quality assurance card and other documents are complete.