Energy-saving Furnace Head

- May 23, 2017-

1. Energy saving more than 45%, which means that a bottle of gas can be used in two bottles of gas! Also reduces the exhaust gas production, reduces the stove front temperature.

2. and promote the use of household gas stove head replacement new products. The product has advanced technology, excellent quality, energy saving, environmental protection effect, and easy to replace. Thermal indicators and environmental indicators in similar products in a leading position to reach the world's advanced level.

3. After the patent experts rigorous review, repeated verification and identification, the ultimate Chinese patent.

4. Durability: According to 2-3 hours per day, can use 10-15 years. The cold water instantaneous pouring does not break, does not deform, the flame does not extinguish, the wind resistance performance is superior.

More than more than 5.7 fire holes of the burning plate, the highest heating to 1200 Shan above. Cater to the rapid pace of life of modern people, the advantages of this product in the working class is particularly important.