Energy Saving Principle Of Energy Saving Furnace Head

- May 23, 2017-

Furnace head to gas, fuel and other as fuel, its thermal efficiency, the key factor is the mixture of gas and air ratio to fully use the fuel must make it completely burning. The traditional furnace head uses the diffusion combustion technology, the gas and the air side mixes the combustion, its mixing speed is slow, the flame temperature is low, the gas cannot completely burn, it is easy to produce the massive carbon monoxide, causes the human to be poisoned, some fuel also therefore wasted.

With advanced premix technology, gas and air are mixed two times through the furnace Head mixing chamber in the spiral steel rims and jet burning from the surface of the furnace. Because the mixture of gas and air is fully homogeneous, flame temperature high flame is pure blue, flame is short and powerful, after flameout, gas flow reaches 8.236m3.