Making Of The Furnace Head

- May 23, 2017-

The use of modern advanced technology to manufacture a new type of non-metallic fire-resistant infrared emission plate, is a kind of "cordierite" as the basis, add some other rare environmental protection of special materials, according to strict and precise formulations, strict process manufacturing. Through a special process made of perforated combustion plate, coupled with a layer of "catalyst", its role is to increase the radiation power of infrared ray. In addition to the high mechanical strength, it also has to withstand the urgent cold heat performance. The burning plate will not be corroded and powdering at 1200 degrees of heat. In the case of non-human damage, the use of 10,000 hours can not be damaged, according to 2-3 hours per day, can be used for 10-15 years. The cold water instantaneous pouring does not break, does not deform, the flame does not extinguish, the wind resistance performance is good.

High temperature Combustion (abbreviated as HTAC) is a new combustion technology with great energy saving and environmental protection. The technology is to make the infrared burning plate surface alternately endothermic, to maximize the heat recovery of flue gas, and then to heat the combustion air and gas in the furnace to more than 1200 Shan.

Using ternary catalytic purification technology, so that the gas full combustion, eliminate the "blame" of the free carbon precipitation, keep the bottom of the pot (stoves) clean, not blackened cooking utensils, and effectively inhibit the production and emission of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, effectively eliminate the harm to human health factors, do not pollute the room environment.