The Basic Meaning Of The Fireplace

- May 23, 2017-

The fireplace is a fire-heating device built against a wall in the room. The fireplace was originally used in western countries, with decorative functions and considerable practical value, in the Nordic popularity is extremely high. And according to the culture of different countries, is divided into: Finnish style, Russian style, American fireplace, British fireplace, French fireplace, Spanish style, and so different shapes. The basic structure of the fireplace includes: fireplace frame and fireplace core, flue. The fireplace stands as a decorative function. The fireplace core plays a practical role, and the flue is used for venting. Fireplace frame, according to the different classification of material: marble mantel, wooden fireplace, imitation marble mantel (resin), pile fireplace rack. The fireplace core is classified according to the fuel: electric fireplace, true fire fireplace (burning carbon, burning wood), gas fireplace (natural gas). The fire fireplace must have the support of architectural design, need chimney, furnace. The furnace can be cast iron fireplace core, can also be a refractory brick piling. If there is no chimney, can also be replaced with cast iron pipe, cast iron pipe diameter is not less than 12cm, the inner diameter is not less than 11 cm. In the western countries there are generally flue design. So the Western countries also commonly adopt the true fire fireplace. And the installation of electric fireplace is simple, with a fireplace rack is not designed by the domestic flue-gas design. After all, domestic ordinary city dwellings are confined to the housing structure, heating mode is central heating. The fireplace has many decorative ingredients and is of little practical value. True fire fireplace in the domestic mainly used in villas, but the design and construction of a good example of the few, limited the fireplace should be the value of heating. Some fireplaces combine ovens for toast, pizza or barbecue, not a flavor. In recent years the domestic decoration also many installed the fireplace, but the real sense to play the European fireplace efficient heating function is very rare.