The Magical Of The Fireplace

- May 23, 2017-

There is also a magical, people sitting by the fireplace watching the changes in the flame can also predict the weather changes, if the flames are pale, or there are many abnormal Mars or ashes formed blocks, or a sudden drop of coal ash, it is indicative of rain, if the flames hum, or the flue has a burst sound and bring more than usual wind, then indicates that the storm will come, if the flames are burning more violently, it indicates that there will be frost. The flames became weather forecasters, and the fireplace became a medium for connecting the interior.

The fireplace can also be used to protect the family when the municipal supply of energy is scarce or suddenly stopped. The Canadian government requires 5 cubic metres of wood to be stored in the family of a suburban villa with a wood fireplace to enhance residents ' emergency response capacity. At any angle, the fireplace is an indispensable product for the family.

In modern, interior decoration is also widely used in the fireplace Fireplace, design and create a warm and pleasant living environment. Provide real pictures for you to enjoy, experience the true effect.